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This summer we will be introducing PiYo to our repertoire of fitness classes. PiYo is a fusion of pilates & yoga. But instead of holding long, intense poses or repeating dozens of microscopic core movements, PiYo speeds everything up, including your results, by using dynamic, flowing sequences that can burn a lot of calories as they lengthen & tone your muscles and increase your flexibility.

Also this summer, we are offering Kids Fitness & Kids Zumba classes. At Renew Fitness, we believe that it’s never too early to introduce children to fitness and healthy habits.

Our Kids Fitness class is a 6 week program for kids ages 4-9 years. During each 45 minute session, the children will engage in exercises that will improve their speed, agility & flexibility in a fun and safe environment. Typical exercises will include jumping, sprinting, lateral movements and body weight exercises. Beginning on June 16, this 6 week class will take place on Tuesdays at 10:30am at a price of $59 for the entire 6 week program.

Another summer program we will be having is our Kids Zumba class. Kids Zumba is a fun way for your kids to dance their way into fitness. Zumba instructor Jan will teach the kids some basic dance moves in a high-energy Zumba session. The children will also have craft time during this session. This class will be a lot of fun and it’s a great way for the kids to release their physical & artistic energy. Beginning on June 18, this 6 week class will take place on Thursdays at 10:30am at a price of $59 for the entire 6 week program.

We are also offering a special if you purchase both programs. For only $99, your child can participate in Kids Fitness AND Kids Zumba for the entire 6 weeks.